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Coin Purse

I finally bought a purse frame! I bought the 10cm one because I wanted to fit my loyalty cards in there as well. The size is really weird in that it’s just a little too big to be cute and a little too small to look functional >.<

Note: this is a sew on frame. I think the method works the same until the point where the frame is attached.

My method:

Step 1. The Template

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One project complete!

I have finished making a zipped box pouch.


The pattern came courtesy of these tutorials:



The outer fabric is a quilt cotton print I got from Lincraft. I just couldn’t resist buying something from the sale 😛 I’m also planning on using for the flap of a messenger bag.

For the lining I used a brown cotton from a cheap pillowcase/bedspread set ($4 for the set from Ikea! Great deal, the brown has a very nice understated sheen to it).

I didn’t actually use any interweave, just the two layers of cotton. I found it holds its shape quite nicely still and I immediately stuffed it full anyway ^^

I think in hindsight I prefer the americana pattern as lining, or an accent instead of the whole thing. For something this small it just looks too busy.


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