Coin Purse

I finally bought a purse frame! I bought the 10cm one because I wanted to fit my loyalty cards in there as well. The size is really weird in that it’s just a little too big to be cute and a little too small to look functional >.<

Note: this is a sew on frame. I think the method works the same until the point where the frame is attached.

My method:

Step 1. The Template


The template is made by tracing the shape of the frame at the top and then drawing whatever shape you want for the bottom.

Make sure the hinges are well marked and remember to add your seam allowances.

As you may notice, I have an extra piece of cardboard. This is because I wanted a box pleat at the centre of my design so that 1. it has room to expand and 2. to make the purse more interesting since I was using solid colour fabrics

To add a pleat to the template, cut out a piece of cardboard as tall as your base template and twice as wide as you want the pleat to be. Fold the two sides to the middle.


Place the pleat template on the base template. Trim the pleat to fit neatly into your base template design.



Cut the base template in half and add the pleat section in with tape.


Step 2. Cutting the fabric.

2 pieces of outer fabric and 2 pieces of lining fabric should be cut using the template. Mark where the hinges will be. With the pleats, mark where the folds and the centre so that you can line it up correctly.

I’ve used an orange coloured light cotton for the lining and a purple homespun cotton for the outer fabric. For some reason my camera makes the purple look blue 😛

I also wanted to divide the compartment, so I cut a piece of lining fabric so that when folded in half it fit the shape of the purse up to the hinges with the fold line at the hinges.

I forgot to take photos, so sorry for the crappy description >.<

Step 3. Put the lining together

It really doesn’t matter whether the lining or the outer fabric is put together first. I just like to put the lining together first so that any mistakes won’t be as noticeable and I will know what not to do for the outer shell.

Fold the pleats, matching the marks that you made for the fold lines and the centre. Pin in place.



Using a running stitch secure the pleats at the top and bottom. Make sure these stitches are made within the seam allowance, or that you take them out later.

I suppose you can skip this step and just work with the pins in place, but it’s a small enough project that tacking doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.

Put the two pieces together with the folded divider fabric in between and sew from hinge to hinge along the bottom. Make sure that the “right” sides of the fabric and design are facing together.

I also added a little volume to the bottom by pinching bottom corners and sewing them together. The excess corner fabric can then be cut. Push the divider fabric to one side and ignore it.


Step 3. Put your outer fabric together

This is the same as putting the lining together leaving out the fabric divider.

Step 4. Attach the outer shell and the lining

Slip the lining pouch in to outer pouch so that all the seams are visible. Sew them together along the top and leave a small area unattached so that you can turn the whole thing right-side out.

It should look something like this:


Now turn the whole thing right-side out and push the lining so it sits nicely against the outer shell. Use a ladder stitch to close the final hole.

Step 5. Attach the purse frame

Push the lip of the pouch into the purse frame and secure with stitching.

I started from the middle so that I could centre the frame.


Touch up the edges of the purse if necessary with ladder stitches so that it doesn’t open below the hinges.

And another project is complete!

Step 6. Celebrate!


I secured the frame by going over it twice, but that was mainly because I liked the cross-hatch pattern it created.

And this is why it is so important to mark the pleats properly


The purse has ended up a little lop-sided but still, that gives it character. It does. >.< I don’t think the OCD side of me is convinced. I might have to make a new one later >.<

The inside divider turned out ok. I would like to have it more taut but this was an experimental thing, so I’m happy with how it turned out.


Note: this is the first time I’ve made a coin purse like this. The pleat design and inner fabric divider I made up. The rest was from reading other online tutorials:


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