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More fabric please….

I went to a friend’s house warming on the weekend and have now realised that my fabric collection is really very small. 

She had an SCA room where one wall was just filled with fabrics. This included folded pieces on shelves as well as entire bolts of cloth just leaning against the wall. 

I have maybe 10% of that. I feel so jealous and completely justified in buying more fabric. Not that I have any money >.<


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Coin Purse

I finally bought a purse frame! I bought the 10cm one because I wanted to fit my loyalty cards in there as well. The size is really weird in that it’s just a little too big to be cute and a little too small to look functional >.<

Note: this is a sew on frame. I think the method works the same until the point where the frame is attached.

My method:

Step 1. The Template

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