Craft project ideas

I am currently overflowing with craft ideas and inspirations. So many ideas and so little time >.< I’m going to make a list here so I can get things straight in my head and so I don’t lose it 😛

1. Zipped box bag to organise my various sewing equipment. Maybe more than one – separate ones for buttons, ribbons, sewing thread etc Update: already made one, in the process of making another

2. Embroidered ??? something. I just have some very pretty images I want to embroider right now, I don’t know what to attach them to though 😛

3. Chun-li head bun hair clips.

4. Fabric book cover for my diary. I usually cover with paper and stickers but I want to try making a fabric one this year.

5. Fabric bag. I’ve seen a variety of patterns and I want to try all of them >.< I just don’t have enough fabric, especially pretty patterned fabric.

6. Coin purse. I want to make one that fits some cards as well, so I can leave my gigantic regular purse behind sometimes. I want to make one with a frame clasp, but I don’t know where to source some for cheap. It just doesn’t feel worth it to buy a frame for $14.

7. A lolita dress. This is going to be a long term project I think. I just don’t have the skills to be making modern/western clothing as yet. I have some ideas based on a cotehardie bodice pattern fitted to me, but I’m just really hesitant to be embarking on that big a project….

8. My brother’s fighting garb. Somehow this has just been left on the backburner >.<v  I really should be doing this one first but I just haven’t got the motivation to make something big….

9. Wooden box just to organise drawers and random things in the house…and then eventually move up to a big chest…..but again this would be going into big projects and also the unknown territory of woodwork

This list of stuff just keeps getting bigger as I browse the internets and find things I’m interested in making >.<

I’m thinking of combining 1 and 2, but the images I’m thinking of just don’t really fit on sewing organising bags…..they’re more gaming related and nerd memorabilia. Maybe I should make a bag for my boyfriend…hey! now that’s an idea! I could embroider the images to a fabric bag for my boyfriend! It’d have to be a chunkier, less girly bag than I was first thinking of though….hmmmm…..

*Processing…..function will resume at a later date*


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