How to make a basic fabric bow

As a distraction from Lincraft 1/2 price fabric sales, I made some of these small bows. I’m looking to add them to some hair clips later. Or maybe a bag/pouch…whichever I get the motivation to do first 😛

Step 1.  Decide what size you want your bow and cut fabric to width and about twice that length plus about 20 mm for edges.


I normally just guesstimate these things, but since I wanted more than one of the same size, I did do some measuring. I kinda worked backwards though, since I had some 140 mm wide fabric left over from the hanfu collars. So my rectangle was 140mm x 45mm to make a bow of about 65mm x 40mm.

Step 2. Fold in about 10mm from each end and then fold in half, like so:


Step 3. Sew the long edges together to form a pouch with the wrong side out. Then turn it right side out, so the seams are on the inside.


Use something pointy to make the corners turn out sharply.

Step 4. Sew the open end together using a ladder stitch.


Step 5. Pleat the middle 6 times to form the bow shape. Put a stitch in the middle to keep the shape.


Step 6. Time to make the middle strip! You can use pre-made bias tape or craft ribbon. Again, I had spare fabric lying around that I wanted to use.

Cut a piece of fabric 4 times the width and length of what you want the centre strip to be. This did purely by guesswork so I have no measurements ^^v

Fold in the sides lengthwise to meet in the middle. Then fold the sides widthwise to meet in the middle. Put the bow across the strip of fabric.

Image  Image

Fiddle with the edges so that the strip goes around the bow nicely and secure into a loop with ladder stitch.

Step 7. Decide which side you want to be the front, puff up the sides of the bow a bit and you’re done!


Now they are ready to decorate your next project!


I have added the bows to some basic hair clips with glue.

By these powers combined!


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