Beige male hanfu

This is something I made about three weeks ago, my first attempt at hanfu.

Beige shenyi

It was pretty much based on this:

shenyi explanation


So, what worked and what didn’t work:

+ the panels for the skirt worked out great. I kept being paranoid that the seams would be really obvious and ruin the look of the skirt, but it really didn’t end up being that big of a deal. I made this for my fiance and I was expecting him to use it as fighting garb under his armour so the extra mobility provided by the full skirt worked out great.

+ I’ve mostly made japanese kimono before so moving from that to a fitted shape of top plus skirt worked better than I thought it would. I can’t always visualise what the 2D pattern will look like when on a 3D person but the fit was a lot better than I had expected.

– I botched the measuring on the sleeves so they ended up too tight for my fiance’s arms. This is why I have left them unsewn. It actually works quite well mobility wise and doesn’t look half bad when worn. Too bad I don’t actually remember what size I made these >.> I may end up accidentally doing it again ^^;;

– I also botched the measuring of the sleeve attatchment area, so it looks nothing like it’s meant to. It’s meant to be twice as big, allowing more arm movement and draping of the fabric to sit better when worn.

– the sleeves obviouly aren’t as long as they are on the pattern and this one was on purpose. There’s no point adding uber long sleeves to fighting garb.

-I didn’t make my skirt length go down to the ankle like it says on the pattern. This was mainly because I thought I had a lot less fabric than I actually did. But it works out to be just below knee height on my fiance. And the shorter length gives a fuller skirt, since I still followed the 1/8th and 1/4th waist measurement for the panels.

– The collar is just a smidgeon too wide. Too bad I don’t remember the measurement of that either >.<

– this is really more of a minor gripe….the ends of the lapels when worn on my fiance sit about 2 inches below where they sit when I have it flat on the ground. I have no idea why that is and it’s just a niggling little annoyance. I think it has something to do with how I cut the collar too far into the back piece.

So, that was my first experience making a panel skirt. It was alot of fun ^^

Oh, also I haven’t made the sash because I just can’t visualise how it would work…..I have a few basic straight sashes that I’ll use in the interim before I figure out how the Chinese did their sashes.


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  1. The Shenyi is nothing easy to make. So many things could go wrong that would influence other things to go awry. The collar being too large is a common mistake even I have made quite a few times. The measurements of the skirt do need to be shrunk a bit here or else it’ll be too big. The sleeves…a formal-dress Shenyi has no need to cut for the sleeves, which is easy and hard at the same time, because it’s harder to find the spot to turn around the skirt onto the back panel (well, you can always cut a notch) – but your problem with the sleeve here is the other way ’round. Try to make sleeves at least fingertip length, because it’s really hard to handle anything shorter than that (oddly), and the base of the sleeve should be at least halfway between this and waist. Give it another inch or two, you can always shrink the sleeves along the way down the arms.

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