Light reading

So, just doing some reading on hanfu while I was bored I have come up with some conclusions:

1) the terms for hanfu clothing are confusing because
a. The meanings changed over time and between different Dynasties
b. the documentation from various periods of Chinese history give conflicting descriptions
c. The current revival of hanfu clothing in China has led to mismarketing, mislabelling and generic confusion on the specifics of various styles/hanfu periods

2) the various details for a more authentic piece of clothing include
a. The collar shape
b. the sleeve shape
c. The construction method of the skirt piece
d. The method of making the wrap piece

Most of this is from reading this website again which is only half helpful because they mostly focus on male clothing from the Ming period while I really want women’s fashion from the Han period. Which is just making it hard for myself I know, since there’s way more documentation for the later dynasty periods.

I’m very tempted to just use the Han Dynasty TV series as my source 😛 I should watch it though seeing as how I have spare time on my hands.

There’s a Introduction to China: Chinese clothing book available at the library, hopefully that will make some things clearer.

Addit: the wiki hanfu site has been updated since I last read it (about a years ago). It is now much more comprehensive and until I find a more reputable
comprehensive source, I’m going to use the definitions and terms found there.


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