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Blue fighting garb

So my brother has been bugging me to make him some garb to wear over/under his armour. Basically he wants to wear it under his breast protection and over his leg belt and leg protection attachments. I went out with him the other day to go fabric shopping and he spotted this gorgeous blue linen. Unfortunately there was only 195cm of it left. I tried my best to make something simple and economical so I based it off a Japanese kosode. It’s what I’m most familar with.

My method:

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Beige male hanfu

This is something I made about three weeks ago, my first attempt at hanfu.

Beige shenyi

It was pretty much based on this: Continue reading

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Light reading

So, just doing some reading on hanfu while I was bored I have come up with some conclusions:

1) the terms for hanfu clothing are confusing because
a. The meanings changed over time and between different Dynasties
b. the documentation from various periods of Chinese history give conflicting descriptions
c. The current revival of hanfu clothing in China has led to mismarketing, mislabelling and generic confusion on the specifics of various styles/hanfu periods

2) the various details for a more authentic piece of clothing include
a. The collar shape
b. the sleeve shape
c. The construction method of the skirt piece
d. The method of making the wrap piece Continue reading

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Orange hanfu

This is the most recent project that I’ve almost finished:

Oh, and say hello to my happy onigiri ^^. I didn’t make him, I bought him from Supanova last weekend. I thought this might be a good time to introduce him. He makes me happy.

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Getting Started

This is a blog I’m putting together as I am currently between things in my life. This means I have buku spare time and I need something to fill it with. So I’ve been doing lots of crafts and projects. Which I have a slight hankering to put down on paper but I lose paper so I’m putting it up on the internets.



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